Perpetual Evolution Designs, LLC is a proactive and reactive design and fabrication company based in Northern Ohio. We offer a wide range of products and services that are often used in industrial environments for testing, data creation and maintenance procedures. Our two main areas of focus are design and fabrication of strikeable targets & analogs for automotive crash avoidance testing and inflatable duct plugs for use in combined cycle power plants. We also specialize in design of cold air inflatables and sealed inflatables. Our design services are available for contract work. We have over 19 years experience in designing and fabricating inflatables. 

PED Strikeable Targets for AEB Testing

Automotive Testing Strikeable Targets & Analogs are created for use by the automotive industry and other companies developing technology for autonomous vehicles. We design and build life like dummies and analog strikeable objects that appear true to life to cameras and also RADAR units. Our products are currently in use by Ford Motor Company at the Dearborn Development Center located in Dearborn, Michigan and also at the Arizona Proving Ground in Wittman, Arizona.

For information on Strikeable Targets for Collision Avoidance and AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) and other Test Equipment, please visit us at HTTP:// 

Inflatable Duct Plugs

Inflatable Duct Plugs & Industrial Inflatables are built primarily for use in the power generating industry. Inflatables when used in power plants can save a tremendous amount of time and materials during scheduled shut downs and maintenance periods. We design and build inflatables for Selective Catalytic Reduction, Flue Gas Desulfurization, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Chimney Exhaust Stacks, Foreign Materials Exclusion and Inflatable Platforms that serve as working surfaces in hoppers.

For information on Inflatable Duct Plugs and Industrial Inflatables ( including contract design work of cold air and sealed inflatables), please visit us at HTTP:// 

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